Small enough to give your project the attention it deserves but big enough to work with big name brands, Andertoonz Cartoon Illustration Studio was founded in 2005 and is run by Emma Knowles from north of England.

What is the 'Andertoonz' part about though?

‘Andertoonz’ pays heritage to the family name I proudly went by until I got married and became:
Emma Knowles; The artist formally known as Anderton.

So Emma ‘Anderton’ then became Emma
And-(h)er-toonz. Geddit?

Even after marriage, I decided to keep it as my legacy to my Grandpa, Ronnie Anderton, who taught me to draw as a child and played a major role in my life so it's pretty important to me, even if I have to put up with endless cold callers constantly struggling to pronounce it.

Anyway, if you've got this far… rather than bore you with a biography of my life, here are some random facts about me instead:

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I must have tried EVERY type of extra-curricular activity as a child, but the only thing I kept up was drawing after finishing a 20 week cartooning club in 1994. I won the grand prize of 10 indian inks at the end of the course and have been hooked ever since! I still regularly like to crack out the traditional paints, although more usually ends up on me than on the canvas!
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Post education, I have racked up almost a decade of experience working directly with team members of different disciplines in children's digital/educational media, designing for web, mobile, games, print and products
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Although we created cool stuff, it was time to take the leap into full-time freelancing when I just began to feel I was not in the right place for me as an in-house Studio Manager. It definitely became time to dedicate more time to my own expanding client list. Scary? Yes. Exciting? Absolutely!
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I actually enjoy tidying and organising stuff. (But don’t tell my husband that! - he’s still to do his fair share!) There’s fun to be had from making lists and then lists of those lists; I’m also pretty sure there’s nothing I couldn't colour code in some way
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When I was young my ambition was to BE a dog. I LOVE them. When that failed, I went with my backup career of creating art. My 2 office assistants are my loyal Cocker Spaniels, Bertie and Holly. They are brilliant for inspiration but not so great with tea duties
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I was born without a sense of smell. The medical term is known as Congenital Anosmia. I don't know if what I taste is different to what you taste, but it's something I don't miss because I never had it. I also suffer from some sort of koumpounophobia...
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Despite the stereotypical idea of reclusive freelancers, I am very much a people person!
To combat freelancer isolation, I spend some of my time as a SME Contract Lecturer and the Module Manager/Tutor for various 'Illustration and Animation' modules at the University of Bolton.

I also occasionally host cartoon classes for Bolton Council, as well as self-directed cartoon classes for local primary schools
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Although cartooning will always be my first love, I am still extremely passionate about Graphic Design and anything arty, including traditional painting. I think it's very important to have an understanding and appreciation of many different design principles and fundamentals which is why I spend some time helping a very talented oil painter in her mission to create a traditional art school and enable art to become even more accessible for anyone who wants to pick up a pencil, or a brush in their spare time!

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I am a bit of a tech geek and a tomboy. I admit to having queued before daylight for an iPhone and a Tamagotchi. I also like to follow the latest web trends, although I don't provide websites as a service
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I like to collect novelty toys, music, computer games and animated films. I also love dinosaurs. And cleaning. Friends liken me to a combination of Phoebe Buffet and Monica Geller from Friends
oh.. and just to clarify, I am an actual grown up! I am not really a child (maybe mentally) but I once had a client phone up to verify I wasn’t a child before commissioning me. True story.
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Emma Knowles (The artist formally known as Anderton)
Freelance Cartoon Illustrator and artist • Bolton, UK
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Services & Abilities
The majority of my digital illustrations are created by tracing my concept sketches using Adobe Illustrator in order to achieve the solid, smooth (vector) outlines you see. I can also use Adobe Photoshop and other design programs depending on the requirements of the commissions and how they will be used.

-Cartoon Character Design
-Logo Design
-(2D) Animation
-Game Assets,
-UI, UX, FX (Flash)
-Graphic Design (BA Hons)

-Adobe Creative Suite
-Mac & PC proficient
-Traditional painting experience
-Excellent communication skills
-Leadership skills
-Fun Dispositi
-Amazing at Candy Crush Saga

Services I don't provide
-3D rendering and character design

-Comic Strip Scripts
-Website programming
-Copy Proofing
-Spec work (I have bills to pay too!)

Education & XP
I levelled up from The University of Bolton with a 1st Class degree in Graphic Design, but specialise in providing freelance custom cartoon illustration.
As well as being a freelance cartoon illustrator, my background includes working in-house as a designer for educational web applications and social games. I can happily liaise remotely with team members of different disciplines, including marketing and programming, to supply UX wireframes and intuitive GUIs for HTML CSS, iOS and Flash.

I am the Module Manager and Tutor for various 'Illustration and Animation' modules at my local University, and also occasionally host cartoon classes for children in local schools and extra-curricular initiatives for Bolton Council.
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