Hi, I’m Emma, your Friendly Freelance Cartoon Illustrator.
I create illustrations for cartoon mascots, logos, children's media, educational products, mobile-apps, social games, agencies, publishers... You name it! Your one stop cartoon shop!

Looking for something other than a mascot or logo?

Cartoon characters aren’t the only string to my bow; I have created art for plush toys, packaging, stationery and books while having worked in the web and game industry for almost a decade!
I am a full time freelance illustrator available for jobs both large and small. I am lucky to have many repeat clients, including The University of Bolton where I regularly deliver lectures and module management for the Illustration and Animation courses.
I have art-directed for social games, taught cartoon classes for children and even developed entire branding solutions from logos, brochures and booklets, to full exhibition stands and website wireframes. I also have a 1st class degree in Graphic Design too (it sounds a lot to me as well when I actually write it down - time flies when you're having fun!)
So, once you've got your awesome new cartoon character, why not incorporate it into all your branding materials? I can help you with all that and more, including:
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Additional poses for your cartoon character — or alternate poses for your existing/licensed characters
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Flash 2D animated game assets or sprite sheets for HTML5, GUI (and/or UX consultation), avatars, background art, game icons & marketing assets etc.
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Toys, games, novelties, packaging and other merchandising — I can liaise with 3rd party manufacturers to provide them with the exact files they need
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Spot illustrations — Add pizazz to presentations or publications, or even animated toonz' on websites too! A good cartoon can get a point across 10x faster!
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Custom illustrated Cartoon Avatars — for social media backgrounds and branding assets - Get your customers talking AND sharing!
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iOS / Android app graphics — all prepared and ready to plug straight into your SDK
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One-of-a-kind illustrations for gifts or events. Great for wedding stationery or personalised items such as canvasses or phone cases.
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Illustrated Event Posters — eye catching and colourful solutions to attract attention and get your message out there!
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Training Materials — boost productivity or sales with posters, banners or animated presentations to engage and entertain recipients.
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Apparel illustration & design — artwork prepared for many fabric print processes or embroidery
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Single panel cartoons and comic strips — you prepare the script or the punch line, I'll take care of the rest
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Vehicle-livery — artwork prepared for car stickers, custom decals, promotional vinyl graphics etc.
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Children's Activity Packs — colouring/activity sheets with educational puzzles etc. or posters, stickers, cartoon maps etc.
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A large range of print services — I can print on anything from canvasses to roll banners; even fridge doors! I can also take care of most large litho print runs for you.
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Graphic Design services — inc. business cards, brochures, catalogues, flyers, banners etc. for print and web based promos.
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…And not to mention children’s books, magazines & educational media — The list is endless where the only limit is your imagination!
My clients always appreciate the friendly, reliable and trustworthy service I provide and I always guarantee a high level of commitment and 100% attention to your needs.
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AWESOME !!!!! The T-Shirt looks amazing thank you so much for this. I can't thank you enough. Its been fantastic working with you to complete this!
Dave Hinckley - Unipart / Sainsburys
Emma has worked with E4A on a number of projects. She is very creative, can work from a limited brief and generates lots of innovative ideas to produce a very professional finished product. We are hoping to do a lot more with Emma as we develop more educational products.
Peter Dickenson, Director E4A Ltd.
Emma's enthusiasm and creative output can always be relied on. We look forward to receiving the email with her interpretation of the brief and are always delighted!
Nick Boyle, Director - Flare Imaging Ltd.
They look great, very impressed
S.Jones - Indesit.
I love it! Thank you so much, never did I expect it would look so good, and thanks once again and for doing it so quickly. You're a star!"
Sarah Parmenter - youknowwhodesign.com
Emma is a brilliant Graphic Designer. She is exceptional at drawing cartoons, though equally good covering all aspects of work. I would highly recommend her.
Ian Fisher, Director - Fisher Educational Ltd.
Thanks so much Emma! You have done such a good job on all of them- the comic really is brilliant and totally captured everything I wanted!
Mamta Baxi ~ wedding comic comission
What I really like about Emma's designs are that they display approachability with a touch of fun and humour, which is often lacking in photos or on business marketing materials.
Carol Chadwick - PanelMaster UK
I'm at a loss for words! It is absolutely perfect! You've really done a fantastic job thank you so much!
Dave Potter ~ Children's character concepts
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Emma Knowles (The artist formally known as Anderton)
Freelance Cartoon Illustrator and artist • Bolton, UK
+44 (0)7734706948
(Please e-mail me for mailing address or to schedule a Skype or FaceTime call)

  • cartoon-illustration-bubbleraider-flashgame-socialgame-monkeycartoon-capuchin-android.png
    Available to play on Facebook and Android: At it’s peak, BubbleRaider, my first full game as acting Studio Manager/Lead Artist at PlayDemand, faced stiff competition in the Facebook platform bubble game genre but still surpassed 1 million monthly active users at its peak and ranked in the top 20 of fastest growing Facebook games in June 2012!
  • cartoon-illustration-bubbleraider-flashgame-socialgame
    Game Design: As well as the main character base model sheet, I was also responsible for the direction of the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), as well as integrating the collaborated assets from all members of the extremely talented development team before they were handed to programmers.
  • cartoon-illustration-dinerlife-flashgame-socialgame
    Game Assets: ‘Freemium’ social games are based around quality, gameplay and their ability to sell virtual goods. I was initially hired to re-skin the visual style of ‘Publife’ to make more commercial game assets for ‘Diner Life’’. After proving successful, my style was also then implemented into all PlayDemand’s later titles.
  • cartoon-illustration-dinerlife-flashgame-socialgame-isometric-gameassets
    Game Assets: ‘Freemium’ social games are based around quality, gameplay and their ability to sell virtual goods. This is just a small selection of game assets created using Adobe Flash, but each tiny piece of furniture had to have a full 360 degree turnaround frames, each to then animate alongside the avatars inside the game.
  • cartoon-illustration-dinerlife-flashgame-socialgame-isometric-gameassets_avatar
    Game Avatars: I was tasked to re-skin the visual style of PlayDemand's flagship title ‘Publife ’ to make more commercial game assets for ‘Diner Life', including the avatar features and clothing. This included the challenging task of tricking the default unisex avatar to appear more feminine when a female character was chosen.
  • cartoon-illustration-gasgenie-flashgame-socialgame
    Animated Game Assets: I was remotely hired by and independent company to produce the art/animation assets for a promotional game. The aim of the game was to get as many burgers on the BBQ before the gas runs out. If you miss, the family dog gets fed instead!
  • cartoon-illustration-iphone-game-appdesign-app
    iOS Apps: I worked to create the App, ‘Boombot’ with one of the app store’s most successful developers. BoomBot made it to the front page of the iTunes app store under ‘New and Noteworthy’ and, at it’s highest, boasted 800-1000 downloads per day at #12 in the top paid apps and #3 in the entertainment category.
  • cartoon-illustration-boffinsquad-UI-UX-educational
    Children's Education Illustration: As featured in the Times Educational Supplement; the brief of this large project was to create 8 characters to represent each of Howard Gardner's ‘Multiple Intelligences’ as well as the content for the website, including UX consideration and GUI (which also included an extremely safe social networking element).
  • cartoon-illustration-flashgame-socialgame-slots-jewelstory
    Game GUI Assets: Whilst proudly working for PlayDemand, I was also responsible for directing the Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) of their later titles, having spent much time studying the psychology behind successful games and user interfaces. A lot of thought goes into keeping these things as simple and intuitive as possible.
  • cartoon-illustration-logo-jewelstory-flashgame-socialgame
    Animated Game GUI Assets: As Studio Manager at PlayDemand, I lead the art team to create the bright, interactive game assets for 'Jewel Story'. The player must discover the land of Lapis Lavitas as an RPG, before switching to puzzle mode to 'duel with jewels' in order to defeat foes along the way.
  • cartoon-illustration-jewelstory-flashgame-icondesign-gameassets
    Animated Game Assets: 'Jewel Story' is an RPG/puzzle jewel-swapping game aimed at the casual gamers of Facebook. As part of the development, it required a lot of technically detailed game assets, each with it's own set of animations to trigger when reacting with combinations of different jewels.
  • cartoon-illustration-bubbleraider-flashgame-socialgame-monkeycartoon-capuchin
    Featured Brief: BubbleRaider, my first full game as acting Studio Manager/Lead Artist at PlayDemand. I designed the principal character, 'Cappuccino the Monkey' along side all his animated assets. At it’s peak, BubbleRaider surpassed 1 million monthly active users and ranked in the top 20 of fastest growing Facebook games in June 2012.
  • cartoon-illustration-graphicdesign-logo
    Featured Brief: As a trained Graphic Designer, I am still occasionally asked to produce logos without the use of cartoon characters. I was asked to re-design a logo (lop left), which I achieved by first conducting some market research (as always) before then discovering and successfully incorporating a blueprint theme.
  • cartoon-illustration-licensedcharacters
    Featured Brief: Although they are slightly different to my own drawing style, I was approached by an international design agency to take some of their previously designed characters and create additional vector poses for each of them. Can you tell some were done by different people?
  • cartoon-illustration-packaging-icecream
    Packaging Design: I love packaging design. It is something that I find fascinating, especially since it takes an average of 3 seconds to grab the initial attention of a consumer. If required, I use Adobe Illustrator to work up the flat design net and Maya for the 3D mockup.
  • cartoon-illustration-packaging
    Packaging Design: There's nothing quite like 'holding' a physical product I’ve designed. Once of my favourite feelings in the world! The Aldo Zilli baby food range is sold in most large supermarkets and advertised across all major marketing channels including a TV ad, website, celebrity studded launch party and social media promotions.
  • cartoon-illustration-graphicdesign-flyer
    Graphic Design: With my 1st class degree in Graphic Design came the essential understanding of the importance of layouts, logos, typography, user interfaces, packaging design, editorial design, print production and front end web design. I have also pro-actively picked up some advertising and marketing knowledge for good measure.
  • cartoon-illustration-UI-UX-education-webdesign
    Featured Brief: 10ticks is one of the UKs leading maths resources, providing resources to over 55% of UK secondary schools. I worked alongside programmers to create an interactive system for teachers, parents and children to use as an online learning system, paying much attention to the UI and UX to ensure it was fun and easy to use for everyone!
  • cartoon_disney_panto_poster_beautyandthebeast
    Featured Brief: I can never resist an opportunity to create something Disney related. A British amateur dramatic society commissioned this poster artwork, including original logo, to promote their interpretation of 'Beauty and the Beast for their annual pantomime. The illustration is 100% vector and scalable to any size.