FAQ: How does it work and what do I get?

I aim to make the process all very straightforward, make you look good for hiring me AND add marketability to your project!!

My design process is quite straightforward and follows a few simple stages. Briefing, conceptualisation, refined sketches, initial vector art, refined vector art and final polish. You'll get the chance to feedback at each stage and I'll make any revisions until you're happy (within reason!) Once you have approved a stage, I'll move forward.

Working with an illustrator should be a fun, rewarding experience! I won’t be surprised if you already have a good idea of what you want, nor will I be phased should you come to me with a blank canvas.

If you haven't hired a cartoonist before, I've listed some of the most frequently asked questions I receive, but please still
get in touch if you have any more!
Vector art is a technique, not a style. This type of creation uses specific vector based software (such as Adobe Illustrator) to create objects/shapes and curves using paths and points rather than pixels. These points are mathematically tracked to keep track of the relationships between them so when scaled, they keep their exact proportions and quality regardless of size.
On the flip side, Raster art made using programs such as Adobe Photoshop, is made of pixels which can create more detailed images for photos and paintings for example, but if scaled, the pixels must regenerate according to the surrounding values in order to 'fill in the gaps' . This is why you might see blurry, distorted or 'pixelated' images when they are enlarged beyond their original physical size.

A vector takes quite some time to properly construct, but is essential for logos, mascots and a lot of business branding if you want to be able to scale your illustration to any physical size (from a web graphic to the size of a billboard, bouncy castle or building if you wanted!) It also means there will be no gigantic extra hidden costs for trivial alterations or for coloured artwork, (as oppose to black and white) as it is all created in the same way.
Yes, of course. I am proficient in using a wide range of design software and can accommodate many styles and techniques but in the case you need a Vector illustration, I will also provide the finished cartoon(s) in a package containing a .AI and .EPS vector files, as well as a printable PDF and web JPEG/PNG graphics. If you would like a different/specific format, please let me know at the beginning of the project so I can do my best to accommodate it for you.
Each project is unique. It's fairly easy to break down once I’ve got a good idea of your requirements and I’ll provide you with a timescale and estimate once we've worked out the scope of your project.

In a nutshell, cost is dependent what you need, how quickly you need it and what it will be used for. Time will also depend on the complexity of the job, budget, my availability, the quality and speed of the feedback and number of revisions.

I would also stress that
effective design and consideration cannot be undertaken in a matter of hours. Projects requiring more concept time, such as logos and mascots, can take days, or even weeks. Again, every project is different.

The best thing would for you to simply
drop me a line or request a quote and I’ll guide you from there. There's absolutely no obligation to work with me for making a simple enquiry and my aim is to keep everything upfront in a transparent and open manner. You will probably find that being able to work directly with the illustrator provides much better value in both personal service and cost, than that of working through a middle man/agency.
Smaller fees apply to individuals who require small, personal commissions, such as portraits gifts, and do not intent to financially profit from the illustration I provide.


My caricature illustrations are created by first sketching the person/people to be drawn from a selection of recent and close up, preferably smiley, photographs. The more reference, the better. Remember I can only draw from what is in the photograph. The more information you can give me about any specific details you would like me to include will help me grasp a better idea of their personality. Attention to detail always enhances design.

I will send you a sketched proof for approval and as soon as you’re happy, I will transform it into a computer generated image and add some colour. Unless agreed otherwise, your final artwork will delivered digitally for you to download and print how you wish.
As this is a bespoke service, it is inevitable that you will need revisions and I want this to be perfect for you. You'll get as many revisions as you need (within reason!) as we work through each stage from conceptualisation sketches to digital design.

Sometimes it's hard to turn back once a design has passed certain approval stages however, so if you change your mind after this happens, we may have to re-negotiate the contract but I’ll let you know immediately as to how it will affect your costs so there are no surprises in the final invoice.
Rest assured, I've never had a complaint to date but if it is the case that you want to find a new direction after receiving your initial concept sketches, we can leave it there and you wouldn't be under any obligation to pay the remaining fee. If in the event that the work is postponed at your request after approval of the stages, I will simply bill pro-rata for any work that has since been undertaken while reserving all rights until project completion.
This question is often asked, confused and sometimes even presumed. It's also really important to understand why these laws are put into place in order to protect both parties.

No one wants to read pages of legalities (especially artists!), so where there is no agreement in place, whether it be a personal/business decision or not, it doesn't protect either party should any discrepancies occur somewhere down the line.

In accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988:

‘Copyright is a right granted to creators under law. Copyright in all artistic works is established from the moment of creation - the only qualification required is that the work must be original.  The copyright owner has the exclusive right to authorise the reproduction (or copy) of a work in any medium by any other party.  This includes storing a work in electronic form.  Any reproduction can only take place with the artist's consent.  Permission is usually granted in return for a fee, which enables the artist to derive some income from the use of his or her work by others.  Permission to copy must always be sought from the artist.’

Therefore, an
idea itself cannot be copyrighted. A drawing can be sold or given away, but generally speaking the artist always retains copyright where each design is licensed for the commission purpose. If you bought a shirt from a store, you would indeed then own that item and can wear it as much as you like, but you wouldn't copy the design, re-print it en-mass and sell it to someone else now, would you?

It's up to the individual artist how they choose to license their artwork so these are details worth talking about, whichever artist you choose!

On receipt of payment in full therefore, Andertoonz Cartoon Illustration will grant
full, permanent rights to re-use the final artwork, however you wish, for the business or purpose that you outline at the start of the project. You'll be able to use your illustration for all your branding and this would only exclude editing the original artwork or re-selling it to another business entity without permission. However, I appreciate this works both ways and will also agree not to re-sell the illustration either! If you NEED to buy out the IP or have me work under an NDA, this will significantly increase the quote but please contact me to discuss the details. Additionally, until I receive payment in full, all rights remain with me, as do any illustrations I create that are unapproved and not used in your final design.

There are some exceptions, however. In the case I was an employee or working as a contractor for you in order to create a contribution to a collective work, such as an Encyclopedia, movie or video game for example, then you would automatically own the copyright to anything that I create for you under contract.

I operate with these terms in place this by way of choice to protect
both parties. To help put this further into context, imagine you contact me to create a cartoon pinup girl cartoon for a chain of restaurants. You receive the files and everything is hunky dory. Later down the line, you then decide you want to have another designer edit the file and make her boobies bigger to promote an adult entertainment website instead!

As an illustrator who has not just spent 10 hours creating your artwork,
but 10 hours PLUS the additional 20+ years of education, development and expertise that brought me to the skill set available to you today, this protects me from finding my work used on something I may have morally not chosen to undertake at the briefing stage. However, my terms also are considered from your point of view too. If I were in your position, I would want somebody with the experience I needed and whom I trusted to bring my idea to life without fear that there will be any hidden or additional payments before my awesome design could then be licensed to somebody else 5, or 10 years down the line unless I were to cough up again.

Please be assured that I am an honest, fair person with your best interests at heart. It will probably never make me a millionaire but I love what I do and I also love providing people with something that they are also proud to sell and I am proud to put in my portfolio for future clients to see. I have no intention of selling your design again unless you were to not pay me for the agreed work where I many then NEED to re-sell to cover expenses or claim for losses through a court order.

I have spent a great deal of time educating myself on these laws after working with many, many companies both large and small. I've also been badly stung in the past myself, but as we know, it can be extremely complicated. Please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything more you would like to know or indeed, if you would like to work in any other way to which I have described. After all, it's also in my interests to provide you with something that works for you!
I completely appreciate the need to protect your idea from being stolen. Obviously, I would never dream of such a thing, but I do appreciate that I am a stranger to you too. If you need me to sign and NDA or you would not like me not to display the work I create for you as part of my portfolio, please contact me to discuss this, as it will certainly increase the price of my services. My portfolio is my marketing tool and I rely on being able to display my best work in order to attract future potential projects.
I understand you want to find the right illustrator for your project, however AIGA, one of the largest and oldest professional associations for design, strongly discourages the practice of requesting that design work be produced and submitted on a speculative basis in order to be considered for acceptance on a project.

It has been known that some clients believe ‘drawing pictures’ for a living has little value and have subsequently no respect for the expertise and time spent in learning the profession. If you like my work, then please respect the exchange it deserves. Many clients who request spec work only do so to then give that artwork to someone else who will “finish it for free” leaving the original artist with no compensation for their time and efforts. Respected designers and artists will always unite in belief that requesting work for free demonstrates a lack of respect for the designer and the design process.

More information on spec work can be found at 
No, sorry. Would you ask a builder or a plumber, for example, to work for free in setting up your business under the pretense that you'll pay them more when you hit the big time? I have bills to pay as well y'know.

If you are considering self-publishing, I'd be happy to
discuss your requirements with you, however most reputable book publishers will already have their own selection of illustrators if you are going down that route. If your story is solid enough, it should be strong enough to stand alone without the pictures, not rely on them. Submitting a pre-illustrated story to a publisher can even reduce your chances with them and even the best submissions will likely have the illustrations discarded in favour of contractors of their own selection. Assuming you paid the industry-standard rates, this could be a massive waste of your hard earned money (we're talking thousands, not hundreds).

All content on this website is copyrighted material, and may not be reproduced or imitated in whole or in part. Unless otherwise stated, I will keep the right to display the outcome of any design order. If you need a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by myself this must be discussed before our quote is given as it could change the price of the service.

Refund Policy. Commissions are undertaken after you, the client, have assessed suitability based on the assessment of my portfolio of work. Deposits are non-refundable and cover the time taken when working up concept art for approval. However, I endeavour to make your illustration just right and am happy to keep drawing until you are happy (within reason!). In the event that you choose to seek an alternative direction you must destroy/delete any previously designed images provided by Andertoonz. After that, I will retain all rights of the designs, including the right to re-sell. Andertoonz also reserves the right to refuse any order at any step of the commission and can refund you at any stage.

Andertoonz reserves the right to modify these terms, conditions, and notices at any time, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of such changes. Unless a bespoke contract has been signed by both parties at the start of a project, you are therefore responsible for regularly reviewing these Conditions of Use and additional terms or notices posted on this website. Your continued access of this website shall be deemed your conclusive acceptance of the modified agreement.

Revision: December 2013
Giving permission to individuals or companies to reproduce an illustration is known commonly known as granting a license. Andertoonz Cartoon Illustration grants full, permanent rights to re-use the final artwork, however you wish, for the business or purpose that you outline at the start of the project. Therefore, if you told me that you needed a character for a new plush toy range and then decided that you wanted to use that artwork as part of an advert to promote it, go right ahead. It would only be different if you wanted to alter the illustration or sell it on to another business entity.

Non-Disclosure Agreements and/or transfer of IP rights will be considered, but this is dependent on the individual commission and will significantly increase the price of the commission.
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